What a weekend! Rotary Games packed up their laptops and headed down to Easton, PA for the weekend to take in the return of CHIKARA in a show appropriately entitled, You Only Live Twice. While there, we saw an amazing display of entertainment. CHIKARA is a world class organization that knows how to treat its fans. Speaking of the fans, of the 1500 that were live in attendance, we got to meet most of you and we were blown away by the support that was showed to us. Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth and said hello. We got to meet people that have already backed us, soon-to-be backers, others that have been sharing the word with friends and even a few that backed us at the show!

Hey everyone!

We’re officially now in the second week of the Kickstarter campaign and we’re incredibly honored by the generosity and support of all of our backers. Thank you for every pledge, every retweet, every share, every like, every Steam vote -- you get the picture. THANK YOU!

In the past week, we...

That sound you just heard was Rotary Games collectively exhaling. The first few days of our Kickstarter campaign for Rudo Resurrection has been a whirlwind and we’re ecstatic by the outpouring of support we’ve received so far! We’ve been following comments all over the internet -- from Twitter, Reddit, web forums, Facebook, Steam and the various news sites like Gamespot that have written articles about the game. It’s very gratifying to see other people as excited about the game as we are!